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PIR700 Series are a range of 220-240Vac input wall mount outdoor PIR sensors designed for use with a number of light fittings including LED, CFL, Filament and Incandescent. The PIRs have passive infrared sensing technology using a pyroelectric detector with a coverage of 180° and up to 12m (at <24°C ambient temperatures). The PIR sensors have a detection speed of 0.6 - 1.5ms and have adjustable time delay settings from 10 seconds through to 7 minutes so you can control how long the attached light fittings remain illuminated for.

PIR700 Series are available in a black finish and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; it has a recommended mounting height of 1.8 to 2.5 meters, with light level settings of 3-2000 lux.


  • LED flood light compatible up to 300 Watts
  • 180° coverage with up to 12 meter detection
  • Adjustable Time delay
  • Adjustable Ambient light level
  • Prismatic lens ensures high sensitivity for accurate motion detection
  • Automatically adjusts to temperature changes keeping sensitivity and coverage consistent
  • Built in surge protection
  • Splash proof IP44 rated; suitable for interior or exterior use
  • Security lighting
  • Corridor lighting
  • 0-300W of LED lights
  • 300W of CFL lights
  • 800W of Filament lights
  • 1200W of Incandescent lights

PIR700 Series Wall Mount Outdoor PIR Sensor IP44

  • Voltage: 220-240 VAC, 50Hz

    Maximum Wattage: 0-300 Watt LED Load; 300 Watt CFL; 1200 Watt Filament;

    Sensing Technology: Passive Infrared (PIR)

    Coverage: 180° , up to 12m 

    Time Delay Setting: 10 Seconds ( +/-3) to 7 Minutes (+/-2)

    Mounting: Wall

    Light Level Setting: 3-2000 Lux

    Sensors: Infrared Pyroelectric Detectors

    Detection Distance: 12m Max

    Detection Motion Speed: 0.6~1.5m/s

    Environment: IP44 Rated, -20°C to +40°C

    Recommended Mounting Height: 1.8~2.50m