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This Glass Touch Panel is a stylish light switch with small LED's that stay illuminated while the lights are off. This makes turning the lights on during the night no problem at all. This one gang design with it's on/off touch switch is a convenient, touch sensitive alternative to your standard every day light switch.

 Its is designed to work with all Halogens, CFL (energy saving bulbs) and LED Bulbs!


  • Two Gang One Way
  • Working Frequency - 433mHz
  • Input Voltage - 200-240 VAC 50-60Hz
  • MAXIMUM load - 200 watt x 2 channels
  • MINIMUM load - 5 watt
  • Dimensions - L86mm x W86mm x H36mm
  • Light Up LED 
  • Waterproof - Touch with Wet Hands 



LED Touch Glass Wall Switch 2Gang

SKU: CON00007