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This compact, all-in-one Emergency Conversion Kit is suitable for Integral LED Edge-Lit Panels and LED Downlights for use in switchable Maintained mode. It will provide emergency lighting for 3 hours, or optionally for 1.5 hours at a higher output. It is simple to install and features an optional remote test button and LED indicator.


  • 2.5-5W
  • Lithium Phosphate battery
  • 3 Year Warranty (1 year for battery)

2.5-5W 3 Hour Emergency Conversion Kit for Value+ Edge Lit Panels

  • Material: PVC

    Length: 250mm

    Width: 60mm

    Depth: 32.00mm

    Weight: (Unpackaged Single Unit): 300g

    Lum. Shape: Rectangle

    Lum. Fixing: Surface mounted