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  • Justin Hodges

What do I need to consider when installing LED Strip lighting?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

• Decide where the strip will be placed and if it will be used for ambient or accent lighting

• LED strips should be installed on a smooth, stable surface that is clean and dry

• How much light do you need? Different types of light output are produced by varying the size, number and colour of LEDs on a strip

• Choose the appropriate IP rating for the area of installation (IP65 or IP67 for bathrooms or outdoors). For more information about IP ratings see our guide at:

www.integral-led. com/ip-rating

• Consider what kind of controller you would like. Would you like it to be able to dim your strip, change colour or both?

• Consider whether the location of your strip will require a profile for extra protection and improved heat dissipation. We strongly recommend using a profile when Wattage per Metre is higher than 15W

• Consider whether you need to conceal the strip, driver and cables

• Consider whether the strip will be always on or switched on and off and decide if it will be part of your lighting circuit or on a separate switch

• The final lighting effect will depend on the specific positioning of the strip, the light colour/temperature and the lumens-per-metre

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